Jabberwockie and Kansas in Topeka

Topeka Performing Arts Center
February 15th, 2002

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photos by Danl Blackwood

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It's always a big concert when Kansas comes back to Kansas
Chris Livgren (left, Jake's dad) and Jake Livgren ... goofing off during sound check
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Britta Livgren (Jake's sister) during setup final adjustments during sound check Lemme hear ya say "Fight!" ... F-I-G-H-T !!! ... lemme hear ya say "Win!" ... oh ... sorry....

(l to r. Tom Long (bass), Jake (guitar/vocals), Britta (back to camera - BGVs), Shawn O'Trimble (obscured by Britta - lead guitar), Ryon Lawton (in sleeveless vest - drums)

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Jake (center) and Britta (right) are ready to go.

Chris' friend Sherry (left) helps out back stage.

Everyone was pretty nervous just before going on stage The house was packed for Kansas, but Jabberwockie had a fair amount of fans in attendance for their first major concert
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Ryon Lawton on drums Jake rocks... Britta's background vocals were very strong, and complimented Jake's voice very well
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The sound was awesome, even though there were some minor glitches with the bass amp sound Jake seemed very comfortable, and his voice was strong. Shawn O'Trimble on lead guitar
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Chris joins the group for a couple tunes on bass
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Ya' can't have a Kansas concert in co-founder Kerry Livgren's hometown, without having him sit in on guitar! In fact during the concert, Robbie Steinhardt (on violin) mentioned that it seemed everytime he turned around, he met another "Livgren."
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Billy Greer (on bass) jamming with Kerry It was awesome (and nostalgic) hearing those twin leads of Kerry and Rich Williams (right) The house is rocked and Steve Walsh's (far right) vocals were great!
(l to r): Billy Greer, Phil Ehart, Jake Livgren, Ryon Lawton, Tom Long, Robbie Steinhardt, Rich Williams, and Shawn O'Trimble
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